22 Seasons of Repertoire

Over 2 Decades of Great Artists & Musicianship

Aguila to
Bryant Handel to Menotti
Ponce to 
Chopin to Greenstein

Ponce to Wolf

Ponce, Manuel

Air & Fugue from Petite Suite

  ‘02 Viva Latino  Jutt, Panner, Okamoto

Poulenc, Francis

Sextet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn

  ‘08 The Golden Ax & other striking pieces–Sykes, A. Garza, Henderson, Shterenberg, Kuster, Garza

Le bal Masqué for baritone, piano violin, cello, oboe, clar, bsn, trumpet & percussion

  ’16 French Impressions–Jones Sykes, Gratz, Rapier, Liu, Almaguer, Carroll, Rubins

Sonata for flute & piano (1957)

  ’16 Firecracker Finale–Jutt, Ching

Premo, Evan

Seasonal Song Cycle for double bass & soprano

  ‘07 Sizzling Seasons–Premo, Bonhag

Dance Suite No. 1 in G for double bass

  08 A Baroque–en Heart–Premo

Prokofiev, Sergei

Overture on Hebrew Themes, Op. 34 for string quartet, clarinet & piano

  ‘06 Made in the USA  Dahn, Torgul, Harding, Tsang, Shterenberg, Steeves

Puccini, Giacomo

Chrysanthemums for string quartet

  ’11 Buried Treasures––Bryla, Sant’Ambrogio, Harding, F. Edelen

Purcell, Henry

Sonata No. 8 in G major for 2 violins, cello and organ

  02 Go For Baroque II   Sant’Ambrogio, Kauffman, F. Edelen, C. Edelen

Songs for soprano and continuo

If Music Be The Food of Love  • Not All My Torments

Sweeter Than Roses  • Hark! The Echoing Air

  '09 Glimmering Glacés–Bonhag, Premo, Miyamoto

 The Golden Sonata, No. 9 in F Major, Z. 810

  ’11 A Bachs Set–Bryla, Sant’Ambrogio, C. Edelen, Zelkowicz
Sonata 4 No. 1 in B Minor, Z. 802 for 2 violins & basso continuo

  '18 Mission Baroque—Pogorelov, Sorgi, Kostov, C. Edelen

Puts, Kevin

Aria for violin & piano (2000)

  ’16 Fantasies & Folktales–Sant’Ambrogio, Yanagitani

In At The Eye (Six Love Songs on William Butler Yeats’ Poetry) 20th Year Commission

  ’16 Firecracker Finale–Jones, Sykes, Jutt, Sant’Ambrogio, Ross


Rameau, Jean Philipe

Pièce de Clavecin en Concert, No. 4 for violin, cello and harpsichord

  ’01 Go for Baroque Abelin, Edelen, Carlin

Pièce de Clavecin en Concert, No. 3 for violin, cello and harpsichord

  ‘02 Go For Baroque II  Kauffman, F. Edelen, C. Edelen

Pièce de Clavecin en Concert, No. 5 arr. for violin, cello and harp

  ‘03 Baroque to the Future, Kauffman, F. Edelen, Ferris

Thetis for baritone, violin & bc

  ’14 The Baroque Baedeker–Jones, Sant’Ambrogio F. Edelen, C. Edelen

Ramos, Manuel

Two Mexican Folk Song Arrangements

  ’98 Global Warming–Ramos, Richeson

Ravel, Maurice

Piano Trio (1914)

  ’98 Ménage à Trois–Sant’Ambrogio, Ross, Sykes

Sonata for violin and cello

  ’99 Mexico & SA Benefit–Sant’Ambrogio, Edelen

Introduction and Allegro for harp, fl, cl, 2 vlns, vla, vc

  ‘07 French Kiss–Ferris, Jutt, Shterenberg, Torgul, Diaz, Mattis, Ross

Menuet Antique for flute, viola & harp

  '09 Glimmering Glacés—McGhee, Harding, Krutzen

String Quartet in F

  ’13 On the Wind of Dreams: The Aeolus String Quartet

Don Quichotte à Dulcinée Songs for baritone & piano

  ’16 French Impressions—Jones, Sykes
Tombeau de Couperin (1917), arr. Christoph Enzel

  ‘17 Certifiably Scintillating—Bel Cuore Quartet: El-Farrah, Gadgil, Nielsen, Hertel

Reger, Max

Serenade for flute, violin & viola, Op. 141a (1915)

  ‘17 Handcrafted—Teplitsky, Yamamoto, Williams

Revueltas, Silvestre

Ocho por Radio

  ‘02 Viva Latino— Shterenberg, Carroll, Rubins, Torgul, SSA, Ross, Rapier, Okamoto

Riley, Terry

Cantos Desiertos for guitar & flute

  ‘08 The All-Americans—Tanenbaum, A. Garza
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay

String Sextet in A Major for 2 violins, 2 violas & 2 cellos

  ‘17 100% Guaranteed—Pogorelov, Sant'Ambrogio, Holloway, Harding, Ross, Rapier

Rorem, Ned

The Santa Fe Songs for baritone, piano, violin, viola & cello

  ’97 Red, White & Blue–Jones, Sykes, Sant’Ambrogio, Chao, Edelen
The Santa Fe Songs for baritone, piano, violin, viola & cello
—Santa Fe • Coming down the stairs • Any other time• Sonnet • He never knew • El musico

  ‘18 L'Histoire du Soldat—Jones, Cuellar, Sant'Ambrogio, Cook, Ross

Rosier, Carl

Suite (1639) for three violins

  ‘05 Baroque Again and Richer for it!, Leven, Sant’Ambrogio, Kauffman

Roussel, Albert

Trio for flute, viola and cello, Op. 40

  ’98 Global Warming–Jutt, Porfiris, Rapier–Ross


Sarasate, Pablo de

Navarra, Op. 33 for two violins & piano

  ‘04 Double–Dipped–Otto, Oshiro, Roach

Satie, Erik

Trois Morceaux en Forme de Poire

  ’10 Paired to Pearfection–Stillman, Winn

Scarlatti, Domenico

Sonata in B Minor, K. 27 & Sonata in A, K. 113 for solo piano

  ’16 Passions Old, Passions New— Pavliska
Sonata in D Major, K. 491 •  Sonata in D Minor, K. 32 • Sonata in F Major, K. 525 for solo piano

  '18 Mission Baroque—Cuellar
Keyboard Sonatas in D Major, K. 178 & G Major, K. 391 (arr. for guitar by Kyuhee Park)

  ‘18 Cultural Crossroads—Park

Schlein, Irving

Sonata for flute & piano (1966)

  ’15 L’Chaim / To Life–Martin Berg, Lin

Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich

“Cuckoo” Sonata for violn, harpsichord & cello

  ‘03 Baroque to the Future—Sant’Ambrogio, C. Edelen, F. Edelen

Schoenberg, Arnold

Verklärte Nacht Op. 4 for string sextet

  ’99 Sachertorte–Sant’Ambrogio, Lucktenberg, Allred, Douglass, Kannen, Edelen

Schoenfield, Paul

Café Music for piano, violin, cello

  ’97 Red, White & Blue–& 99 Mexico & SA Benefit–Sykes, Sant’Ambrogio, Edelen

Trio in Four Movements for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

  ’99 Winds with Strings Attached–Cigan, Torgul, Sykes

Café Music for piano, violin, cello

  ‘06 Made in the USA Yang, SSA, Tsang
Three Bagatelles for flute, cello & piano

  ‘18 L'Histoire du Soldat—Jutt, Ross, Yanagitani

Schubert, Franz Peter

Three Lieder from Schwanengesang

  ’99 Sachertorte–Jones, Carlin

Cello Quintet in C, D 956, Op. Post. 163

  ’01 Quint–Essential Strings Copes, Torgul, Panner, Ross, Rapier

Selected Songs for baritone and soprano (see program book)

  ‘02 If the Schu Fits  Jones, Nafziger, Sykes

Trio No. 2 in E–flat major, Op. 100, D. 929 for piano, violin & cello

  ’12 Caffè Viennese— Yanagitani, Sant’Ambrogio, Atapine

Der Hirt auf dem Felsen “The Shepherd on the Rock” Op. 129, D. 965

  ’15 Canciones, Clarinet & Flute–Bonhag, Shterenberg, Lin

Fantasie in F Minor, Op. 103 for four hands piano

  ’16 Fantasies & Folktales–Pavliska, Yanagitani
Piano Trio in B-flat, D. 898

  ‘18 Cultural Crossroads—Cuellar, Sant'Ambrogio, Kostov

Schulhoff, Erwin

Five Pieces for string quartet

  ‘05 Latin Seasonings, Adams, SSA, Watkins, Levine–Tsang

Duo for Violin & Cello (1925)

  ‘07 Czech Mates–Sant’Ambrogio, Rapier–Ross

Sonata for solo violin (1927)

  ‘08 A Baroque–en Heart–Sant'Ambrogio

Concertino for flute/piccolo, viola & double bass

  ‘15 L’Chaim / To Life!–Martin Berg, Williams, Premo

Schumann, Clara

Selected Songs for baritone and soprano (see program book)

  ‘02 If the Schu Fits — Jones, Nafziger, Sykes

Piano Trio in g minor, Op. 17

  ‘06 Bosom Buddies: Brahms & Friends— Sykes, Bryla, Rapier

Scherzo con passione in D minor, Op. 10

  ’13 Love’s Geometry, Winn

Schumann, Robert

Piano Quartet in E–flat major, Op. 47

  ‘02 If the Schu Fits — Sykes, Sant’Ambrogio, Panner, Rapier

Piano Quartet in E–flat major, Op. 47

  ’10 Restless Romantics—Miyamoto, Sant’Ambrogio, Harding, Atapine

Piano Quintet in E–flat, Op. 44

  ‘06 The Best Odds —Steeves, Dahn, SSA, Harding, Levine–Tsang

Adagio & Allegro for horn and piano

  '09 Tootie Friuti–Garza, Sykes

Trio No. 2 in F major, Op. 80

  ’13 Love’s Geometry— Winn, Sant’Ambrogio, Atapine

Shostakovich, Dmitri

Piano Trio in e minor, Op. 67

  ‘06 The Best Odds—Yang, SSA Tsang
Sibelius, Jean
Suite in A Major for violin, viola & cello

  ‘18 L'Histoire du Soldat—Sant'Ambrogio, Cook, Ross

Sierra, Roberto

Trio Tropical

  ‘02 Viva Latino—Sant’Ambrogio, Ross, Aguila

Smetana, Bedrich

Piano Trio in g minor, Op. 15

  ‘07 Czech Mates—Sykes, Sant’Ambrogio, Ross
  ’17 100% Guaranteed—Cuellar, Sant'Ambrogio, Ross
Sollima, Giovanni

Lamentatio for solo cello

  ‘18 Cultural Crossroads—Kostov

Sorgi, Colin

Huapango (2008)

  '08 YAP Travis Park Players

Velocity (2010) X

  ’10 YAP Bloomin’Ocotillos

Stradella, Alessandro

Sinfonia for vioin & basso continuo

  ‘05 Baroque Again and Richer for it!, Kauffman, F. Edelen, C. Edelen

Strauss, Richard

Two Pieces (Liebesliedchen & Arabische Tanz) for Piano Quartet, TrV 169

  ’12 German Espresso— Yanagitani,  Sant’Ambrogio, Friedmann, Atapine

Ten Selected Lieder (Ruhe,meine Seele! • Cäcilie • Heimliche Aufforderung

Morgen! • Das Bächlein • Ständchen • Schlechtes Wetter • Zueignung •

Herr Lenz  • Ich liebe dich

  ’12 German Espresso— Jones, Yanagitani

Stravinsky, Igor

L’Histoire du Soldat (A Soldier’s Tale)

  ’00 From Russia with Love–Kopperud, Kuster, Carroll, Lange, Rife, Sant’Ambrogio, Okamoto, Bretcshger, Jones,    
   Murray, Leath, Munnette
Suite from L'Histoire du Soldat for clarinet, violin & piano

  ‘18 L'Histoire du Soldat—Shterenberg, Sant'Ambrogio, Yanagitani
Summer, Mark

Julie-O for 2 cellos

  ’17 100% Guaranteed—Rapier & Ross


Takemitsu, Toru

Towards the Sea for alto flute and marimba

  ’98 Global Warming– Jutt, Richeson

Tartini, Giuseppe

“Devil’s Trill” Sonata in G minor for violin, harpsichord & cello

  ‘04 Bach & Forth–Sant’Ambrogio, C. Edelen, F. Edelen

Tansman, Alexandre

Homage à Chopin for solo guitar

  ‘06 Picked to Perfection Kuropaczewski

Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich

Souvenir de Florence Op. 70 for string sextet

 ‘03 Souvenir & Serenades—Sant’Ambrogio, Torgul, Harding, Panner, Ross, Rapier

Souvenir de Florence, Op. 70 for string sextet (1890)

  ’15 Bella Italia–Gratz, Sant’Ambrogio, Panner, Harding, Kostov, Lum

Telemann, Georg Philipp

“Paris” Quartet No. 1 in D for flute, violin, cello, bass & harpsichord

  ’01 Go for Baroque Perkes, Sant’Ambrogio, Edelen, Okamoto, Carlin

Fantasia VII in E–flat for solo violin

  ‘05 Baroque Again and Richer for it!, Sant’Ambrogio

 Gulliver Suite for two violins

  ‘05 Baroque Again and Richer for it!, Kauffman, Leven

Don Quixote Suite for strings

  '08 A Baroque–en Heart–de Pasquale, Leven, Sant'Ambrogio, Mattis, Gregorian, F. Edelen, Linfield, Premo, C. Edelen
Trio Sonata in A Minor, TWV 42:a1 for flute, violin & basso continuo
  '18 Mission Baroque—Teplitsky, Pogorelov, Kostov, C Edelen

Torelli, Giuseppe

Sonata Op. 4, No. 11 in D major for violin & basso continuo

  ‘05 Baroque Again and Richer for it!, Leven F. Edelen, C. Edelen

Tournier, Marcel

Suite, Op. 34 for flute, violin, viola, cello, harp

  '09 Glimmering Glacés–McGhee, Leven, Harding, Atapine, Krutzen

Turina, Joaquin

La oracion del torero “The Toreador’s Prayer”, Op. 34 for string quartet

  ’14 20th Century Passageways–Hristova, Sant’Ambrogio, Gregorian, Kim
Piano Quartet in A Minor, Op. 67

  ‘18 Cultural Crossroads—Cuellar, Pogorelov, Sorgi, F. Edelen
Turnbull, Kit

Three Cautionary Tales for clarinet & string quartet

  ’17 Handcrafted—Shterenberg, Yamamoto, Sant'Ambrogio, Williams, Gjoni


Uccellini, Marco

Sinfonia Nona for three violins, Op. 9 (1667)

  '08 A Baroque–en Heart–Leven, de Pasquale, Sant'Ambrogio, F. Edelen, Winn


Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Two English Folk Songs for voice & violin: Searching for Lambs, The Lawyer

  ’00 Peasant Stew–Jones, Sant’Ambrogio

Quintet in C minor for violin, viola, cello, double bass & piano

  '09 Soulful Sorbets–Miyamoto, Sant'Ambrogio, Harding, Atapine, Premo

Verdi, Guiseppe

 String Quartet in E Minor (1873)

  ’15 Bella Italia–Gratz, Sant’Ambrogio, Harding, Lum
Viana, Alfredo da Rocha ("Pixinguinha")

Carinhoso for 2 cellos (1928)

  ’17 100% Guaranteed—Rapier & Ross
Villa-Lobos, Heitor

Assoblo a jato  The Jet Whistle for flute & cello

  ’17 Handcrafted—Teplitsky, Gjoni

Vivaldi, Antonio

Concerto in D major

  ‘02 Go For Baroque II  Jutt, Ackerman, Kuster, Kauffman, F. Edelen, C. Edelen

Violin Concerto No. 2 in G minor, RV 315 “Summer”

  ‘03 Baroque to the Future–Harney, SSA, Kauffman, Ryan, Johnson, the Edelens

Concerto in D major arr. for guitar & strings

  ‘06 Picked to Perfection  Kuropaczewski, Chalifour, Bryla, Gregorian, Ross

The Four Seasons for solo violin & strings

  ‘07 Sizzling Seasons–Bryla, Dahn, de Pasquale, Sant’Ambrogio soloists

The Four Seasons for solo violin & strings

  ’12 Cappuccino Suite—Bryla, Sant’Ambrogio, Zori, Hristova

Concerto in G minor, RV 531 for two cellos & strings

  ’14 The Baroque Baedeker–Soloisti: Ross & Rapier; Pogorelov,SSA,Harding Edelens. Edelen

Visconti, Dan

Black Bend

  ’13 On the Wind of Dreams: The Aeolus String Quartet

Vladigerov, Pancho

Four Pieces for violin & piano, Op. 12 (1921)

  ’14 20th Century Passageways–Hristova, Lin


White, Robert

The Nymph’s Complaint for the Death of Her Fawn–Poem for oboe, viola & piano

  ’99 Winds with Strings Attached–Ackerman, Allred, Sykes

von Weber, Carl Maria

Quintet in B–flat, Op. 34 for clarinet & string quartet

  ‘04 Bach & Forth–Shterenberg, Harney, Sant’Ambrogio, Harding, F. Edelen

Woehr, Christian

Elegiac Dances for solo viola & strings (In memory of Ted Allred)

  ’00 Peasant Stew– Chao, Oshiro, Sant’Ambrogio, Woehr, Kannen, Bretschger

Wolf, Hugo

Italian Serenade in G for string quartet

  ‘03 Souvenir & Serenades–Torgul, Sant’Ambrogio, Panner, Ross

Italian Serenade in G for string quartet

  ’15 Bella Italia–Sant’Ambrogio, Gratz, Panner, Kostov


Zitella, Icli

Eternal Return for flute, clarinet, 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos & piano

  ’17 Handcrafted—Black Tie Cacti: Wilson, Snowden, E. Bustos, Dickson, Alvarez, Fenton, Arkhipov, J. Bustos, Rogers